CSV Demo Station


I’ve been exploring the demo station and trying things out. Is the demo station capable of doing a real History File Export? Every time I try to manually command an export the file it creates has no data in it. I can see in the History Container your Ramp, Random and Sine points are creating many entries, I get one column for each point but all the entries are 0.0
I then tried to point the file export to a folder on my desktop and the File Export broke.
Now I get this:

"access denied (“java.io.FilePermission” “C:\Users\hrice\Desktop\CSV\CSV_Push” “read”)

even though the CSV Network status says “Ok”. Any idea why there is no trend data in the file?


The error you are receiving is due to Niagara’s security enhancements in N4. The file could not be generated in that directory due to those enhancements and is why it’s blank. You should be able to create the file within the station to verify it’s function.




Thank you for the reply. The file that is in the station is empty also, that’s why I tried to push it to my pc.
I think we’ll try a different way to get history CSV exports from the station. Thanks again!


Could you show the history list for that exporter to confirm the histories you expect to be exported? I also saw that you are in demo mode but it may have been expired if you had already run for over 2 hours which could be causing issues.