Csv History Export Ftp


Unable to ftp export histories to server.
Verified I can connect with a browser from a PC on the network to the link below and use the login an password provided.

Niagar Version
CSV Version: csi3csv-


To access a named URL you will need to verify the JACE’s TCP/IP configuration contains a valid DNS server. You can check this in the TCP/IP configuration section of the platform or in platform services of the station.

Platform>TCP/IP Configuration



Thanks, I have it working now. It came up with a different error after that and I had to make some changes in the ftp config but it works.


I am having trouble exporting my histories via FTP. I have created the connection and verified with my customers onsite IT department that it works. They are telling me that there is nothing being transferred and I am unsure why. This is my first time using the csv driver. Thanks in advance.

Here is the debug showing the connection along with my FTP settings.





You do not appear to have a valid host and port configuration.


Wow…I feel stupid. Thank you.