First Time User: N4 Supervisor


We have a project with thousands of points that are currently being trended and stored on the N4 Supervisor (Computer). We have multiple N4 Jace-8000’s throughout the city communicating with the I/O Level Controllers. We’re responsible for providing Auto-Generated Reports of every single point, within each building. The data really just needs to be stored, compiled, automatically dumped on a weekly basis where it can be reviewed by a third party contractor. Is this CSV Driver the right fit for the application? Can the start/end dates of the trends be easily modified? We’ve typically used other software packages in this instance, but the driver seems to make the most sense. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


For clarity, I will attempt to re-iterate what you are trying to accomplish before answering.

  1. You have some number of JACE’s monitoring x number of buildings.
  2. You need to get all the trend data into an N4 supervisor on a weekly basis
  3. You need to generate reports in the supervisor for contractor review

If that is all you need, the CSV driver is not necessary because the JACE and Supervisor will do the history syncing on whatever schedule you wish.

If you need to take all that historical data aggregated in the supervisor from the JACE’s and push it to a third party system, then the CSV driver is definitely something you will want to look at.



Thanks for the response. We do need to take the historical data, aggregated, and push it out. do have additional questions, is it possible to reach out directly?

Thank You