Inovonics Driver not able to add EN1723


I have been using the AX version of the driver for some time. I’m starting to bring up the first N4 version and I am doing some basic testing. The issue I’m having is that after I install the driver and the network on the station I can’t add an EN1723 device. We typically add them without using the auto-add feature. When I add a new device the EN1723 is not available in the drop down for device type.


What version of Niagara 4 do you have?
What version of the Inovonics Driver are you using?

Can you screenshot your configuration?


I am running Niagara 4.3
Inovonics Driver V1.0.3 which I downloaded off the website yesterday

I’ll get a screenshot of my configuration later today.


I have recreated this issue. I will review it with another developer tomorrow and we will see what we can do to resolve this for you.


The Device Model property of an Inovonics Device is linked to the Market ID which is read only. Since the default Market ID is “Security”, the initial list is the devices categorized as such. As long as you have a valid UID, the first data packet received for that device will automatically set these values to the correct values based on that data. Similarly, if you chose the wrong Device Model, it would be overridden to the contents within the data packet.