Inovonics Driver Stuck "Connecting" and Down


Hey There,

I just recently started using the Inovoincs driver. I will ultimately be using it on an N4 Honeywell branded JACE, but I’m waiting for the proper connectors to come in. In the interim, I’m using the demo version of the driver (DRV-INOVONICS-N4-J) on a demon N4 workbench. I’m trying to interface the driver with an EN4000 serial receiver, to do that, I’m using an RS-232 to USB adapter and have it connected to the COM port on my PC, but for some reason on the InovonicsSerialNetwork is showing a Status of “Down” and the State parameter is stuck in “connecting”. I’ve verified that I have the serial information configured as per the to the driver’s documentation. I also believe the COM port is configured correctly because the driver is showing that I have messages in queue.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


Niagara 4 Supervisor does not enable serial ports so you won’t be able to use this on a PC for testing and will need physical hardware running, i.e. a JACE, EdgeGateway, etc.