Siemens System 600 Driver Point Faults


We are currently using Kodaro Driver on a site and on some of the devices that are pulled in the points are faulting out with the Fault Cause -

“Read fault: Poll message 8: M<0>A<0>I<0>N<0>.<0>3<0>8<0>.<0>V<0>A<0>V<0>.<0>1<0>.<0>1<0>2<0>:<0>A<0>I<0>R<0> <0>V<0>O<0>L<0> <0>S<0>T<0>P<0>T<0><\n><\r>E84(0x0054) - Command error:<\r><\n><0><\n><\r>>Log, Display, Command, Edit, Operation, Monitor, Alarm, Trend, Quit? -<8><0>”

Which when broken down, looks like - “Read fault: Poll message 8: MAIN.38.VAV.1.12:AIR VOL STPT<\n><\r>E84(0x0054) - Command error:<\r><\n><\n><\r>>Log, Display, Command, Edit, Operation, Monitor, Alarm, Trend, Quit? -<8>”

Basically, it’s a Read Fault: Poll message 8 error. Can anyone give us some insight on why this is happening and how to fix this issue?

Currently running Niagara with the correct Kodaro Driver.

Thanks in advance


Can you provide a summary of your physical setup? Number of devices? Types of devices? Is this serial or via the IP connection?

Is this error happening on all points or just some points? Was this system ever stable or is this a new installation? Is it intermittent or is there any consistency to the failure?


This is happening on a few different sites, the current one has 39 devices under the sys600 driver through the serial network. Some of them are MBC, some are VAV from the MECs, and some of them are VFDs.

The devices coming in with the error are the VAV and it is on every point within those equips. We have this same setup in other places and it doesn’t get the errors. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

  1. Are the devices that experience the issue ever stable or are their points always in fault?
  2. Are those devices in a connected state or are they going down as well?
  3. When you say the same setup, is this a station copy or was this station rebuilt with a discovery of devices and points?
  4. If you discover points on the problematic devices, does it show the same point addresses as currently in the system?


These point have always been faulted out it seems.

The devices that these points are on are not down

This station was all discovered and not copied.

So, I’ve done a couple discoveries and it seems the issue is that the points are not being discovered on these devices anymore - as if the programming or something has been wiped from the devices? I’ve done multiple discoveries and nothing comes through.


Do you have contact information for the device level programmer? I would suggest at this time confirming the programming of these devices if no points are discoverable.


What I’ve found here is that the specific code mentioned above means that there are no points in the Siemens system. I have re-added a couple of the points on the Siemens side, and the error clears and the point reads in the Jace.

There’s another issue that we are trying to fix on a second Jace in the same building. We currently have one connection to the MMI port of one MEC to a jace and a second connection to a MMI port on a different MEC and different Jace. The second one that we added, the Sys600Driver keeps attaching and detaching. Can you give us any insight on why this would be happening?


Generally that just means there’s an unstable connection. This could be the physical connection or too short of timeouts configured on the driver.