SSL Error connecting from N4.6 to SkySpark 3.0.15


I’m having some issues connecting N4.6 to SkySpark 3.0.15 through SSL.

This is the error I keep getting:

[crypto] TLS handshake failed. Cause is: Connection has been sutdown: PKIX path building failed: Unable to find certificate chain


Have you approved the ssl certificate in the cert manager in the platform services?


Yes, I have. I was able to successful connect through SSL on N4.4, but run into this error with 4.6.


Is this connection failing from N4 connecting to SkySpark or SkySpark connecting to N4? That error appears to be coming from SkySpark connecting to Niagara which means you will need to go to the crypto section in the host and hit the trust button. This will allow you to enter the IP address of the Niagara station and it will import the certificate from Niagara into SkySpark’s trust store.


It’s N4 connecting to SkySpark. Both the N4 station trusts the SkySpark certificate and SkySpark has the Niagara certificate in it’s trust store. The error message is seen in the application director on the N4 side.


I would recommend deleting any certificate in your cert manager on Niagara’s end and also the trust store on SkySparks side as it seems that one of these does not actually have the correct certificate. Re-import the certs on both ends and then attempt to connect again.