Sys600IpNetwork - Capability to discover on pre-Apogee


Hi, I’ve used this : csi3sys600-3.8.0 to do a demo to a potential client.

The client got many BLN with multiple IP controllers on each BLN. I had to create as many “Sys600IpNetwork” that they have BLN to discover all MEC and subnet TEC.

Question #1 : Can we use only one “Sys600IpNetwork” and put as ‘Host IP’ the IP address of the Insight Server to get everything ?
Question #2 : When showing the client what have been discovered, he told me that only TEC where found. He asked me why old UC (or new BIM used as remplacement) didn’t show up ?

Actually, it isn’t clear what is supported by you driver :


Similar to the serial network, the IP network emulates terminal commands over IP instead of directly through the serial interface. As long as the device supports reporting of all the devices it is connected via it’s configuration that way, then there should be no issue accessing these devices.

From the system compatibility section of the driver guide:
This driver integrates with the terminal user interface of System 600 Apogee and pre-Apogee systems. It can discover, read and write points in cabinets and TECs. Point discovery on TECs is limited; please see the component guide for more details.