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my question is on TenantEye. Can we assume that if we have an existing BAS system populating BACnet/IP metering information that is discover-able by the TenantEye application hosted on a separate server on the same sub net? No need for any other platform, i.e. Niagara? Thanks


First I assume that you are talking about our on premise solution vs our Cloud hosted solution. Our on premise solution runs on Niagara. You either need a JACE, Niagara Supervisor or a Dell Gateway running Niagara in order to run Tenanteye on site. Then Niagara can integrate into your BACnet network directly or possibly via the BAS system as long as the protocol is compatible. You can download Tenanteye and it will run 2 hours at a time in demo mode to test this. We will be uploading the N4 version soon.


What happens if cloud based? I assume there is also a service fee associated for hosting in the cloud? Thanks



If it is hosted in the Cloud the fee structure is based on a per meter per month cost. It doesn’t matter how many tenants there are.