Adding Inovonics Devices


I have a customer with a CSI (Kodaro) AX Inovonics driver on an existing site with product code and they want to add Inovonics devices.
After reading though the specs, I found the section talking about adding more devices (see below). My question is are there fees associated with adding more devices? Or is just a matter of editing the number of devices in the property sheet of the InovonicsDriver and sending the code to a Kodaro representative?

Every network must be licensed. Unlicensed networks will operate in demo mode for 2 hours.
After demo mode expires, the station must be restarted to resume operation, but it is otherwise
safe to build a database.
Licensing is managed on an object in your database. The licensing object is located on the
property sheet of the InovonicsDriver. It has the following properties.
• Product Code – Text automatically generated by the driver that is needed to generate a
license key.
• License Key – Where the key to validate the license must be entered.
• Devices – The number of devices under all networks to license.
Set the number of devices. Copy the value of the “Product Code” property that is automatically
generated. You should highlight the value and copy it by pressing CTRL-C. Send the product code to your Kodaro representative. They will respond with a text string for you to enter in the
“License Key” property.
You must restart the station after changing the “License Key”.
The exact text and case of the product code and license key are critical. Do not send
screen shots. Highlight the text, copy it using CTRL-C and paste into an email.



The devices number on the licensing object has a direct correlation to the amount of devices purchased. If you wish to increase this number, you will need to purchase more devices and then supply an updated product code that encompasses all of the devices purchased for the installation, not just the increased number.

i.e. if you had 100 devices purchased and need another hundred then the devices field should be 200 and the product code will update automatically to reflect this change.

I would not recommend changing the number of the devices on the driver until you have purchased the increased device count as a change of this number will put you into demo mode as it will detect an the device limit being exceeded.