Cannot create server socket


The Sys600 message que shows the status as attaching. However, when I look at the properties of the telnet tunnel, I see the following error:

Cannot create server socket: access denied (“” “localhost:23” “listen,resolve”)

I have confirmed username/password. I can ping the IP address I am attempting to connect too. I am attempting to connect on port 23.

Any ideas or what the error means?

Thank you


Can you provide a screen shot of your configuration as well as some details on your configuration:

  1. Hardware
  2. Niagara Version
  3. Driver Version

  1. Hardware: JACE-8000
  2. Niagara Version:
  3. Driver Version:


The system consists of 4 PXCM’s with VAV controllers hanging off them via Siemens FLN. the driver tunnels through one of the PXCM’s to access the Siemens system. They were running Niagara AX 3.8, we upgraded their JACE to what is listed above, migrated the existing station to N4 and purchased/licensed the Sys600 driver. The settings are identical to what was previous and when I disconnect the N4 JACE and reconnect the AX JACE, system works with no issues.


Looks like the additional permissions required in Niagara 4.3 and above were never added to this driver. Once you update the latest version, you should see this addition in your station spy to indicate the extra permissions for this module.


I will send you a private message with the updated module and update this post when it has been uploaded to the website for anybody in the future finding this issue and topic.


Could you send me the updated version of this driver because I am having the same issue. I believe I have the same version.


Could you send me the updated module? It looks like I’m having the same issue.


The drivers can be found here: