Cannot save the DNS information


I have added the the DNS information, saved and let the Gateway reboot. When reboot is complete, the DNS information goes away.


Possible issue 1:
During the installation process, did you select the option to allow the migration of the current network settings? If not, then there is a chance that the system is not configured correctly to allow Niagara to properly manage the TCP/IP settings. If this wasn’t selected, please re-run the installer and let the system migrate the settings and then hit ctrl+c to cancel after that step.

Possible Issue 2:
Was the system setup at anytime using the nmcli commands or manually outside of the Niagara TCP/IP interface? If so, these will likely need to be undone so that there is only one system trying to manage the network settings.

If neither 1 or 2 is the case, can you please provide screen shots of the dns setting in Niagara before and after restart? If you SSH into the box, you can also run the command:

cat /etc/resolv.conf

This should reflect systems dns settings.


I can see the DNS information in Putty when cat /etc/resolv.conf (screenshot attached)

I cannot see, add, modify the DNS settings in the Niagara Platform.


Can you provide a screen shot of your platform TCP/IP settings?


You may also need to turn off DHCP on all interfaces. If DHCP is enabled, it tends to override attempts to set static DNS settings.


Still no luck.



All DHCP is turned off. Ran the installer again and made sure Niagara controlled TCP/IP settings.


Is the ‘+’ symbol next to DNSv4 Servers interactive?


Yes it is interactive. We can add the DNS addresses but they do not save.


When you add a dns entry and then hit save, does the dialogue come up to ask you to restart to take effect? After the restart, are all of your settings on the adapters still applied? Does the /etc/resolv.conf contain the dns entries you added in Niagara?


The DNS issue was caused by a race condition with the IP stack of the Gateway and the Niagara daemon initialization which would fail to correctly report the DNS information to Niagara even if previous writes were successful. This issue has been resolved in release versions and