CSV Driver Connection Limit


I would like to know if you can help me regarding what are the 5 connections limit that you have in your CSV driver.
The real application that I need is to export histories in a CSV format to a FTP remote server.
For example, I have in one project let say 20 energy meters and I want to export the values of the energy of each one to that remote FTP.
How many connections are this?
This limit is only in the AX version or also in the N4?”

N4 CSV Driver Global Capacity

Hey mlubas,

Here is a link to a detailed response that will answer this question.

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I do not have access to that topic…


Here is the contents of that post. Cleaned up a bit so it only contains information you are interested in.

The way to think of a connection in the context of the csv driver is to think about the data flow.

So when you think about imports and exports:

An import is best thought of as a single point of access that contains some csv data you need into Niagara.
An export is any group of histories that exist within Niagara that you need to get out of Niagara.
Example 1: You have 500 histories in your station and need them to export out of the station. This requires a single export object which counts as 1 connection against the licensing. One export object will then give you the ability to now export all of these 500 histories to any of the supported export locations (email, file, ftp, url, etc.).

Example 2: You have a csv file sitting on an ftp server somewhere and need that data in Niagara. This requires 1 CsvFtpImport object which counts as 1 connection against the licensing.

Example 3: Let’s consider both examples above and now say we need to import data from an ftp and also export historical data out of ftp. Perhaps you needed to combine some third party csv import within niagara with existing integration data to do some calculations and then export the results out to another system for final evaluation. In this instance, you would have one import and one export object which would count as 2 connections against the licensing.

Kodaro CSV Driver Device Count

What is the specific device licensing that is required to add an import and/or export to a station? i have gotten mixed information from people and hope to have this cleared up here. I have the CSV driver installed on the supervisory station and i am trying to export .csv history files for commissioning.

Are the connections IP connections (PN: FX-SLDL010-0 for 10 connections) or is it a different type of connection charged against the license? if so what would the part number be? Is there a limit to how much you can export with s single connection?

Thanks for the help.


The number of imports and exports you need is what determines the number of connections.

For example, If you have 10 imports and 10 exports you need 20 connections.

Edit: Also here is a video on how to license our drivers: https://youtu.be/rDHyof-NIi8


My company is very interested to resell the csv driver and the first question that we must answer and explain to our clients is the concept of connection because this directly influences the cost of the driver. I have seen many questions and answers to this thread and I think it would be good to have a one page document from Kodaro to explain this in more detail and give as many examples as possible, the more easier it is for clients to understand what they pay for, the more they buy, at the moment I feel this concept is convenient to understand for the java developer and completely alien to our clients (BMS integrators) so are you able to close this gap and create a crystal clear document that explains exactly what a connection is so we can share this document with our clients? For example if I have 1 file that I need to send to 3 remote locations (3 separate IP addresses or 3 FTP servers) this will count as 3 connections? But if I have 2 files I want to push to 2 remote FTP this counts as 4 connections? Then the question is how to decide to group the histories, if I have 50 histories how to decide to have 5 files each 10 histories vs 1 file 50 histories (5 connections vs 1 connection)? Is it only a preference at the FTP end how they want the files pushed, or is it some limitations in the Jace/Supervisor and best practices to push/group histories into files in a certain way based on how often you log a point, the total record numbers and how often the push happens? sorry for the multiple questions but this is not very clear and when things are not clear we don’t sell much :slight_smile:


thank you Jonathan, I know for you it sound all very simple and you may be thinking why so many questions about this, but honestly our clients need to be crystal clear about what they are buying and particularly if 5 connections are enough, being charged for more connections is a big price difference so making it very simple for anyone to understand this concept of connection is the key to the success of this driver. Can you please prepare a document to cover all aspects and definitions of a connection? your answer covers only part of the answer.