CSV Driver Performance


We have a customer who’s looking to use this driver to export a rather large number of points every 15 mins. In your experience, can the driver handle the export of the below point count?

  • 20,000 boolean read only
  • 15,000 numerics
  • 2,500 boolean writable
    My thoughts are that the driver itself should be able to handle any number of points and the limitations will only be based on the hardware specs but correct me if I’m wrong.


There is no hard limit of the driver when it comes to the number of historical exports and does come down to hardware limitations. The size of the export may also be affected by the network speed as well as larger exports will require a lot more bandwidth to execute effectively. You will also need to consider the export location as well. Can it accept an export of the size described or would it be better for the receiving end to accept smaller data exports?

Assuming the hardware, network and export location all have enough resources to manage an export of the size described, there should be no issue with the driver performing the export but its success will be subject to those items.


Thanks for that Jonathan.