CSV Support For SFTP


The CSV driver looks to have removed support for SFTP. Does anyone know what other methods of secure file transfer can be done and any instructions how to configure?


What version of Niagara and the driver are you using? Can you provide more details on the issue you are experiencing?


Hi Jon,

They are using N4.7.110 and they just wanted to know if there is any other alternatives for Secure File Transfer since it is no longer supported



Can you please provide any errors you are receiving about it’s removal? I am not aware of any update that removed this feature.




SFTP was never explicitly removed but the access required for this was restricted with the updates to security in the N4 platform. These same updates also initially blocked FTPS but an update has been made since that time that was able to overcome these security restrictions but unfortunately the requirements for SFTP are still blocked by the security restrictions on the N4 platform.


Could you tell me about version of Niagara 4 that supported sFTP?


No version of N4 supported SFTP for the driver which is why I didn’t initially remember any explicit removal. It was more of a core change in N4 that blocked access to the required functions to perform an SFTP connection. The change in the message about SFTP not being supported was added later to reflect that restriction.