I cannot seem to get my histories to email, I am using the unlicensed version before my company decides to purchase your software. I am wondering if this is the reason why? I might also be doing something wrong, but it looks like a straight forward process. Could I get some help? Thank you


Not having a license would only block emails after the 2 hour window has expired as well as all other functionality so as long as it’s still in the demo state, then that would not be something preventing the emails from going out. If the demo has expired, you will need to restart the station to reset that demo window.

Have you been able to test the Niagara email service with any services that would use it to make sure the configuration there is correct? Alarm email recipient perhaps? I would suggest verifying the email service first and then providing configuration details in the form of screen shots for both the email service configuration, the csv driver and license state for further troubleshooting.