Exceeded device limit for globalCapacity


I got the following error: Exceeded device limit for globalCapacity

Is this because I do not have enough points capacity in skyspark to take all the points that Niagara station has?
Snapshots here:



This is a Niagara licensing issue. Niagara 4 licensing requires you to license the number of devices you wish to use in a station regardless of the driver. Niagara network devices are excluded from this count but all others are not. You will need to work with your Niagara distributor to increase the globalDeviceCapacity of your Niagara license.


Hi Jonathan:

Thanks for your reply. I exceeded the device limit at the supervisor level but I found out that JACE itself has some room.

Will it work if I I install this kodaro haystack driver in Jace itself?
Also do i need to reboot the Jace after I install and commit the jar file - kodarohaystack-rt ?



Yes, the driver will work on either a JACE or supervisor.

If this is the first time you are installing the module, then there should be no need to restart.