Future Events, Add Users, and View Invoices Buttons are not working in HTML5


We have several sites using Tenant Eye on the N4 4.7 platform and all of them have the same issues.

The Future Events button under the Meters tab for any tenant does not work as it is not clickable.

The Add button under the Users tab for any tenant does not work. It is clickable, but doesn’t take you anywhere.

Under the Invoicing section, you cannot highlight any invoice in the database, therefore the View button stays grayed out.

All of these problems only exist in the HTML5 web browser portion of N4. If using Workbench these issues do not exist. Unfortunately, none of our customers have access to Workbench and only utilize N4 graphics pages via the web browser.



Full HTML compliance is not possible with tenantEye as requires web web launcher which is a replacement for the old web start. Please see the following post on it’s usage.