Global Capacity in Niagara 4.3 is counting twice the EMON Devices present


Upgrading a Niagara Supervisor from AX to N4:
We have an EMON driver (csi3emon-rt, csi3emon-wb (CSI3 and is now having a problem with licensing in the Niagara N4.3 supervisor.

The problem is the Global Capacity is reporting twice the amount of EMON devices that are connected.

The Supervisor is counting each EMON device twice , both the device itself and its IP connection.

We ran a BQL for the devices (slot:/|bql:select * from driver:Device) to see what the Global Capacity is seeing.

This jpg shows 3 devices shown as 6:

Somehow the driver is written so each device shows as two devices which raises the cost of the licensing of the Supervisor considerably.

Niagara Supervisor Global Capacity shows - 55 devices (which is 2x26 + 3).
When the upgrade is complete there will be 26-EMON and 3-BACnet devices.

Is there a newer EMON driver available that will report the actual device count?


Previously in AX, Niagara did not utilize a per device licensing model and so third party drivers were isolated away from their licensing model and left to decide for themselves on how to handle their own licensing. When they switched from AX to N4, their licensing model changed and directly affects all third party drivers as they are now forced to purchase larger licenses from Niagara to add enough support to third party drivers via the device limit.

Niagara has yet to address this issue for developers and third party licensing and so we are currently still required to increase the Niagara licensing to match third party drivers as well as third party licensing requirements.

Unfortunately this means that for this driver, there is a double count after the upgrade to N4 and there is no newer version to correct for this. We will contact you directly for a possible solution.