globalCapacity exceeded


@kodaroJonathan - I would like to use the haystack+ driver to push from a server but I am getting an error that I have exceeded the globalCapacity. No problem I’ll just up the supervisor device limit, but my question is do any of the points tagged or exported by the driver count against the global capacity point limit? I’m guessing since the points live in the niagara network they don’t count and I’ll be fine with a SUP-DEVICE-10 but wanted to make sure.

For example I’ve got 1000 niagara network points tagged that I want to export, but the supervisor device 10 pack only comes w/ 500 points, do I need to add more devices to get more points or will I be fine as long as I get the device enabled?



No points are added during a haystack export as it uses hierarchies to resolve the points and is a read only operation for Niagara. You should not have to add any additional points to your licensing to use the export, only the appropriate device capacity.