Haystack Driver stuck on encoded


My export has stop once it gets to the encoded section. I restarted the station and tried again with no success.



Without information about the error you are seeing when it fails, it’s hard to say exactly what’s failing but it’s likely due to some sort of recursive relationship.

There has been some updates to the driver not officially released to the site yet but likely will be this week. One of these updates is to detect and push through this specific issue. If it is not that, the next update will also introduce a debug mode that will allow you to export a subset of the entire hierarchy to help determine which elements are causing the failure.


Hi Jonathan

i have recently upgraded my skysparks to version 3.0.24 from .3.0.19 i appear to have the same issue i have installed the latest kodaro N4.6 driver module (3.0.23)

i also get the following failure descriptor once its encoded

sys::CastErr: java.lang.ClassCastException: fan.haystack.Remove cannot be cast to fan.sys.DateTime


You will likely need to turn on logging and utilize the debug mode to determine where the failure is. Since it is stopped at object 4520, you will want to set the offset to 4515, just to be safe with a limit of 15. That way you can the error and log the exact failure object and then review the tags on that component to see what is happening with that bad conversion.


Hi I’m picking up where Kris left off above. I have an export getting through with the debug settings above. It has a few months to catch up on so it is taking a while to load the histories.

I’m just trying to dig up the Haystack driver documentation but should I be able to pull the application director log for those details on the object failing?


Yes, the app director will have all the logs when using debug mode. The documentation is contained in the driver download from here:https://www.kodaro.com/drivers


Thank you.
Exporting is working again.

I found “circular relation” warnings for certain equips despite everything looking ok.
I deleted and recreated them, warnings are still there but the export works without debug settings now. :man_shrugging: