Inovonics Driver upgrade


Good morning,

Working with a customer that has several sites with Inovonics serial gateways and wireless sensors that are constantly going in and out of ping fail. Not being familiar with the hardware or the driver, I noticed that driver version is running on Jaces at 3.8.213. Not sure if we can upgrade the driver to the latest revision or if there is an upgrade cost.



No cost to update the driver to the latest one in the series. Updates are free unless you update from an AX platform to the N4 platform. If you update an AX driver to the latest AX driver or if you update an N4 driver to the latest N4 driver we don’t charge for it. They can be downloaded from our website.


The existing driver is csi3Inovonics and new driver is KodaroInovonics. Do we need to remove the existing driver from the station and then add new new driver?


Assuming the hardware where this is running is powerful enough, you can have both simultaneously running while you rebuild the driver with the new kodaro branded driver. You can then remove the old csi3 one from the station once you are satisfied that you have successfully transferred everything over to the new driver.


Once the new driver is loaded, can we copy the sensors directly from the old driver into the new one?

Thanks again for the help.



No, but as long as you shutdown the original driver and enable the new driver instance to use the same port connected to the gateway, then the auto discover should bring them all in for you.