Kodaro CSV Driver Device Count


In the “connections” selection of the license, when we change it from 10 to 180 the License Status changes to Demo Mode.


Any suggestions?


If you previously purchased only 10 connections and change the connection count, you are attempting to configure your installation with 180 connections with a purchased license of 10. If you need 180 connections, you will need to purchase another 170 connections for your installation and submit a new product code for the updated license key that will allow for 180 connections.


How do I specify what I need to the vendor we purchased the license from? The original Part Number: DRV-CSV-N4-S. I didn’t see anything specific as to the number of device connections we purchased.


Based on that product code (https://shop.controlco.com/DRV-CSV-N4-S) it looks like you originally purchased with 5 connections and at some point increased to 10. You may need to work with that vendor directly to purchase more. I would also recommend reviewing this forum post on connection use CSV Driver Connection Limit to make sure you need that many connections as it does seem like a lot to me.


Jonathan, thanks again for the help. I’ve reached out to the vendor. In the meantime, just to be sure:

We have an estimated 5000 histories that need to be exported via email, the recipient of the email can only process a maximum of 255 histories. I have the 5000 histories separated into 177 csvHistoryExports. With the connections at 10 the first 10 exports are OK the other 167 are in fault, the cause is demo expired. Is there a better way to set this up? I know it seems like the 180 connections would be a lot, but I’m not sure if we’re setting them up correctly.


When you say a max of 255 histories, is this because the file limit is too high if that number is increased?


The commissioning group we’re sending the data to has a software that can only handle 255 columns at a time, but can process as many individual files at once.


If you can put 255 histories per email export (connection), then that should only require 20 connections. 5000/255 = 19.6. I am unclear on the 180 connection requirement based on that criteria.


We have it set up to do 1 Export per piece of equipment. We have 180 pieces of equipment, therefor we were trying to achieve 180 exports. We have 5,000 histories spread out amongst the 180 pieces of equipment, the energy group collecting the data is using a software that scans the data so the Excel Book can only have 255 maximum columns.

Is it possible to have a call with my technician?


Any additional insight?


Unfortunately it seems that the third party software is the limiting factor here. While the csv driver exports can group together any number of histories, assuming the system has enough memory to handle the data packet of that size, the receiving end does not allow for this. It is also unclear if the scanning software on the other end needs the equipment data broken up in such a manner or if it would be possible to not need 1 per export and could be grouped together.

If the software does not need each file to represent a single piece of equipment, then I think the best way would be to group as many pieces of equipment that can fit within a 255 export size and get the export count closer to 20 so you are not managing so many exports. If this is not a possibility, then I think the only way to solve this will be with the 180 individual exports due to the limiting nature of the receiving software.

There is also the possibility that the software in question could receive data in a different manner, i.e. could it request it via a URL? If so, the URL export option could be used and I could provide some information on how you could utilize this.


The third party software is definitely the limiting factor. They’re limited to 255 columns to evaluate the data we’re extracting. When we set up the histories with your driver, we selected to export 1 file per piece of equipment…this is what is requiring the 180 Total Connections.

I can change how we export and do it per building, but the data then will have over 5,000 columns in the excel workbook. This is what prompted us to try to gain more connections.

Whether I need 10 more connections to make it 20, or 170 more connections to make it 180 I’m just trying to find out how and at what cost? If 180 connections isn’t possible, I’ll move on and re-structure how we have configured it.