License key issue for Haystack driver


Hi @kodaroJonathan ,

One of our customers is facing issues while trying to license Kodaro Haystack driver. Please see the information below:

Product Code: WIN-855C-6516-ADDA-CC99:KODAROHAYSTACK:1
Driver Version: kodarohaystack-rt-

The customer has tried removing the Haystack Driver from the station config and recreating it from scratch. However, after restart of the station, it just goes back into an “Unlicensed: demo mode” state.

The key was copy pasted from the email and matches with the initial PO provided. The license version also seems to be latest.

Could this be an issue of bad license key? It would be great if you could help us on this please.



Can you provide the PO and who you purchased this from so I can validate that information? Can you also provide the license key you were given so that can also be verified?