License key issue


Can you provide the original PO used to order this? Also, any past emails concerning the product code would be very beneficial in tracking down the issue.

If you copy pasted the product code currently in the station here as well, that would help me verify if the code was incorrectly generated initially.


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Hi Abe

here is your license key.


Host Id: Qnx-TITAN-1593-A80E-AD95-B9F8



I never heard back. Did you look into this?



Sorry about the delay, I must have missed the notification when you responded.

I’m not sure the process by which the original product code was submitted but based on what I can find in the system, my guess is that only the Host ID was provided and the wrong product code was used to generate your license key. The problem originated by the person who generated the product code based on the host id alone, assumed the product code was for a product that had been fully re-branded for Kodaro from the original CSI3, which it hadn’t.

License Product Code Used Originally:

Corrected Product Code:

Corrected License Key:


That worked!

Per our customer:
Is there a CSV module for v4. This is what our customers lynxspring jace is commissioned at. Just want to make sure we do not need to take it back a few before continuing on.




Here you go.



Version is what our customer has already. Question is will this work with a Jace commissioned with



There aren’t any known issues with any version of Niagara 4 with that version.


Hi Johnathan,

I’m not sure how to start a new thread. So I have another thing I need help with in regards to the CSV driver.
I have 2 customers asking the same question because they don’t understand the drivers part description.

A Niagara N4 Framework driver to import and export CSV (comma separated)files, flat files and/or XML data to a Niagara N4 based JACE. This driver allows you to import, model as Niagara N4 points, trigger events and export histories and points via the open CSV format. Driver includes 5 connections. A connection represents 1 import or 1 export device object.

What is 1 export device object?

Will the purchase of 1 DRV-CSV-N4-J handle the following integration.
We will be installing a new JACE and possibly using this driver for the following.
Integrate (6) new power monitors into the new JACE(BACnet / Mstp or BACnet / IP) = ??? (6) connections or device objects
Integrate (3) new BTU meters into the new JACE via BACnet / IP. = ??? (3) connections or device objects
Discover multiple points(200 +) from an existing Trane BCU. The data is coming from multiple devices but I will be discovering as individual points from Tracer Summit. = (1) connection or device object.
Discover multiple points(200?) from an existing JACE. There are multiple meters currently integrated into this JACE. = (1) connection or device object

Can you please help.




Don’t let an import/export connection get confused with the integration. The number of devices integrated within a station have no bearing on the csv driver’s connection count. The way to think of a connection in the context of the csv driver is to think about the data flow.

So when you think about imports and exports:

  1. An import is best thought of as a single point of access that contains some csv data you need into Niagara.
  2. An export is any group of histories that exist within Niagara that you need to get out of Niagara.

Example 1: You have 500 histories in your station and need them to export out of the station. This requires a single export object which counts as 1 connection against the licensing. One export object will then give you the ability to now export all of these 500 histories to any of the supported export locations (email, file, ftp, url, etc.).

Example 2: You have a csv file sitting on an ftp server somewhere and need that data in Niagara. This requires 1 CsvFtpImport object which counts as 1 connection against the licensing.

Example 3: Let’s consider both examples above and now say we need to import data from an ftp and also export historical data out of ftp. Perhaps you needed to combine some third party csv import within niagara with existing integration data to do some calculations and then export the results out to another system for final evaluation. In this instance, you would have one import and one export object which would count as 2 connections against the licensing.


Thanks that should help!



hello all, I’m having the same issue with the license key, it wa working before, all the sudden it has gone into demo mode. please see below


It appears the product code is no longer being generated properly. Was there any recent changes to the station before this issue presented itself?

Niagara version?
Driver version?