License Not Running


Hello there,

I seem to be having trouble with my license (See screenshot below). We purchased the license a few months ago. The product code that was given to us, is running on the same device we initially licensed, and no other attempt to put it on another jace has been made.



You have 0 devices licensed in your product code. You need to set that to the number purchased before requesting a license key. Right now you have a license key for 0 devices and are using two which is why the license is going into demo mode.


So I can’t purchase a license and then discover as many devices as I want/need? I have to buy a specific device limit?


Yes, licensing is based on device count so you will need to purchase the amount of devices you plan on using in your system. This is explained in the section Licensing the Driver Object of the user guide.


Okay, at a certain point, though I had over 4 devices connected to this without problem. Is this a new things?


The past aside,

  1. My license is for 0 devices. why would a license of this kind be sold?

  2. Do I now need to buy a new license for more devices?


When you start a station with no license or even a bad license, the driver will run in demo mode for 2 hours allowing full functionality. Once the time expires, the driver stops working and you need to restart the station to begin demo mode for another two hours or allow a new license key to take effect. You were likely running in demo mode when you had the devices up.

Zero device license are not sold but the license key generation is based on product codes provided. You will want to refer back to the distributor you purchases this from and supply a proper product key that matches the amount of devices you purchased form them for the license key to be generated accurately.

You will want to license for all of the devices you purchased regardless of what you expect to use So if you purchased 100 devices, you will want to license all 100 for this installation since you can’t break those devices into multiple installations.


@rpisani : would you please let me know if you were able to solve this …as I am going through the same issue.


@lnacharya as Jonathan mentioned, I had to go back to the distributor I purchased the license from originally to resolve. I’m waiting to hear back from them, but as far as I know, it seems like they just need to send an updated product key.


@rpisani : okay. Just to make sure you are sending them the new product key and they will send you the updated license key. right?


I would also recommend you reference any order number you have for them to track the purchase and confirm the number of devices. It should speed things up with licensing requests as they can verify the request is valid and not need too much back and forth to generate a new request.

You may also want to give them a brief description of the reason for the multiple license requests just to avoid confusion on their end for the additional license key request for the same order.


Hi Jonathan …can I call you or share my screen with you right now …? my phone 318.243.7240