License Update - New Host


I have an TenantEye that was on an old server that crashed and has been moved to a new server.

Old HostID:Win-1C08-70C7-A584-D405
Old TenantEye Key: EVDB-FAEZ-BHEO-ERTL-FGNC (55 suites)

New:HostID/Product Code: WIN-B6EA-0C23-53C6-A894:CSI3TENANT:2:55

Is there an email for Kodara tech support to resolve this issue?


Here is a license key for the new host:




see attached. that new key is not working.


I just tried to verify the generation of the original key provided and can’t seem to replicate it so i’m not sure what went wrong in that process.

This should be the correctly updated one for you:


Make sure you copy this out into something like notepad to strip any special and/or hidden characters that tend to get added when copy pasting from forums and/or email. Then copy from notepad back into the licensing object.