Meters do not populate


I have setup a test user, suite, tenant, and meter, but I cannot get any overrides to start. I did the quick hour override and nothing happens…

Is the software supposed to create the meters to be discoverable through the workbench?

Basically the webpage looks right but I see no way to actually take advantage of it and integrate into it. Any ideas?



Can you elaborate on what “nothing happens” means? What are your expectations of an override vs what you are/aren’t seeing?

The software doesn’t create anything automatically. You will need to create the tenant/suite structure you are billing against with associated meters linked to it.

Not sure you’r question about taking advantage of it. Can you provide more details on what it is you are attempting to do with it?


Off topic but is tenant eye supported in all versions of N4?


Generally yes unless a newer version of N4 is released that changes something in the core framework that may effect it’s function. As of right now, nothing is known in any current release that would make it non-functional.


I see in some of the literature it shows that their should be meters and suite objects in the module. Right now all I see is Tenant Billing, License, and Daily. So nothing is in the module for me to build off of. That is what led me to think maybe as I add the meters in the webpage that it would create those for me, since manually adding them doesn’t seem to be an option.


I guess where I am getting confused is how to utilize an override made through the webpage and communicate that to the system. I do not see any points or anything being created in the JACE that will allow me to link an on/off to anywhere else.