N4 CSV Driver Global Capacity


What does this mean"Exceeded device limit for globalCapacity"


In N4, licensing for open source drivers, essentially anything not owned by Niagara (bacnet, lon, modbus etc) are no longer licensed individually by device. Instead they adopted a global device limit to apply to all drivers in the station. This means that you have more devices in your station than your Niagara license was purchased for and will need to purchase more for your Niagara instance from your vendor.


What does it mean if you get the “Exceeded device limit for globalCapacity” error on an AX supervisor with the CSV driver?


This is a Niagara licensing issue. Niagara 4 licensing requires you to license the number of devices you wish to use in a station regardless of the driver. Niagara network devices are excluded from this count but all others are not. You will need to work with your Niagara distributor to increase the globalDeviceCapacity of your Niagara license.


So each CSV task counts as a device. And on a CsvHistoryExport, will adding histories count as “points”?


I would recommend reviewing this thread as it discusses these types of questions.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask them here with as much detail as you can to your setup so I can answer the questions as it pertains to your specific integration concerns.