N4 TenantServlet


I am currently using Tenant Eye on an AX system. When tenants started having issues logging on dues to JAVA issues I switched over to the TenantServlet and that resolved all of my issues.
Does the N4 version still offer this? From what I am reading I see the work around with the N4 version is to use the Web Start but it doesn’t work on smart phones, iPads, ect…
Also isn’t the next JAVA update going to cause Web Start to stop working?

Can someone please let me know if I am correct with this information and what my options are?

Thank you,



The tenant servlet is still available in N4. Niagara is working on a replacement for Web Start but have not specified a release date.


OK, so any Web Start issues are a Niagara issues and not specific to Tenant Eye

Thank you.


Correct. TenantEye still utilizes the web start feature for visualizing graphics designed when this was still the go to for Niagara graphics but the web start support deprecation is a Java/Oracle decision which in turn effects Niagara and all systems still requiring it.


Thank you for your quick responce