N4 TenantServlet


I am currently using Tenant Eye on an AX system. When tenants started having issues logging on dues to JAVA issues I switched over to the TenantServlet and that resolved all of my issues.
Does the N4 version still offer this? From what I am reading I see the work around with the N4 version is to use the Web Start but it doesn’t work on smart phones, iPads, ect…
Also isn’t the next JAVA update going to cause Web Start to stop working?

Can someone please let me know if I am correct with this information and what my options are?

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The tenant servlet is still available in N4. Niagara is working on a replacement for Web Start but have not specified a release date.


OK, so any Web Start issues are a Niagara issues and not specific to Tenant Eye

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Correct. TenantEye still utilizes the web start feature for visualizing graphics designed when this was still the go to for Niagara graphics but the web start support deprecation is a Java/Oracle decision which in turn effects Niagara and all systems still requiring it.


Thank you for your quick responce


TBS Tenant Users are having an issue where the Tenant Servlet is not shown once a user successfully logs in with /tenant in the address. Instead the following shown in the address bar and wants to use java. http://xxx/ord/station:|h:2ca3a|view:SuiteHome. If I just delete the ord path and just type in the servlet name, then the servlet view loads. This is happening mostly using Chrome and intermittent with Internet Explorer. Mobile logins using Safari do not have this issue. kodarotenant-rt (KODARO 1.0.3) Niagara version Is this just a specific browser issue or something that can be resolved? Thank you


The access to the servlet is handled by Niagara’s web server so there’s not much that can be done to change that behavior. The only thing that can be done from our end is to register the servlet and then accept data calls that are passed to it from Niagara’s web server. It appears this may be an issue with browser specific handling of something with Niagara’s login and going to custom servlets. This might be mitigated with the use of nav files for customers but i’m not sure that’s the best solution depending on the project and customer interactions.


Thank you Jonathan, I would like to explore the possible solutions you suggested. Can you reach out to me directly at my account contact information?