N4 Version of TenantEye


Is there an N4 version of TenantEye?


There is one in BETA right now. Are you asking for an AX upgrade or new application?


this would be a new application


Give Larry a call if you want to be in the BETA. Otherwise we can reach out to you when it is released in November.


I possibly could help you get set up with the beta by email as well. Just let me know.


Hello Kodaro support,

I have a customer needing help selling this driver. He is asking for any PowerPoints or YouTube videos that can help him demo this to his customer. Let me know if you all can help. - Thanks!


abemon - We have uploaded a video on Tenanteye AX. This actually covers about 90% of how Tenanteye N4 works as it was built from the AX version. We are still working on the new video for N4.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQUVtjV_8cE


Kodaro Tech Support,


I have a customer that has a few questions about TenantEye and I was hoping you could provide some info.

What is the file format used to customize the invoice that it outputs?
The customer need to be able to format and custom configure the actual document that it outputs and to make the TenantEye output documents look like it is being generated by the current Honeywell system.
The intent is for the Tenants to not even know the system has been changed over.
Is this possible?



In TenantEye N4, there are 2 pieces to the Invoice; 1) The Invoice which includes typical summary info that you would see on a tenant billing invoice, and 2) Line Items which includes the details behind the summary info included on the invoice. The Invoice portion is exported in PDF only. The Line Item portion of the invoice can be exported in PDF, HTML, Text or CSV.

Unfortunately you cannot custom configure the actual document that it outputs. Therefore, this system will have outputs that look different vs. the current system.