New N4 Tenant Eye / existing billing system


I’m trying to implement TenantEye for a client who currently sends meter data from an existing N4 BAS to a 3rd party billing service for entering the meter data and preparing / submitting invoices. I’ve setup a few tenants using the demo version of the software, and it looks like it’s going to work. However, I need to be able to manually enter the initial meter reads in order to get a smooth transition and get approval on the full transition. Is there a way to manually enter the initial meter read value and date for each meter within a tenant?

Also, they apply a new blended rate ($/kWh) each month across all tenants based on the utility bill for that month. Would this be done by changing the numeric rate schedule to the new rate prior to generating the month’s invoices?


If you were to import the current data, you could reset the billing schedule to the current values being read to set the starting point and it wouldn’t effect the data read during the initial import. The easist way to do this would probably be to manually generate a new invoice which would then start the new invoice period at that moment. Then just delete that initial invoice.

Yes, if the rate is changing per month, you will want to use a rate schedule and configure according to when the rate changes. You will need to make sure to set the rate on the same schedule as the utility. The calculations will be based on what the rate schedule was at the time the data was read and not retroactively changed. So if you set the schedule to rate x Jan 1, 2019 and the the utility bill changed to rate y on Feb 1, 2019 but the system wasn’t updated until March 1, 2019, the system would charge Feb data at rate x and not rate y.