Schedule OT Air

  1. Is there any documentation that could be handed to a tenant as a how to schedule OT air?
  2. Currently there is an option to Schedule or quick override for OT air, but under the schedule option they do not see a way to setup a recurring OT air event. Is this possible?


I am not familiar with the term “OT air” so I can’t comment specifically on that but will attempt to address your questions in a more generic sense as it pertains to TenantEye

  1. A tenant is not a user expected to have the ability to schedule their system as this is usually defined by some sort of tenant contract for the building owner. A user specified as a tenant would be expected to have read access to the view the system but not necessarily edit the system beyond the scope of requesting schedule overrides. I will send you some more user driven user docs concerning this type of user interactions.

  2. Similar to above, a schedule change to the system would need to be performed by somebody specified as a owner/manager that has more access to the system than a tenant. If the Tenant requires a schedule change, this will need to be worked out with the person(s) in charge of managing that system.


Per our customer:

OT air is “Overtime air in the HVAC world” or air scheduled beyond the defined building or tenant main schedule. To clarify, the tenant can schedule a block of time or hours to run the air beyond the main schedule, they simply want to know if there is a way to override for example “Every Saturday from 8am to 12pm from now on without having to enter it everytime” The tenants in this building are not intended to schedule their equipment, but are able to request air beyond the schedule, when they go to their Tenant eye portal they want to be able to schedule a recurring override, so they do not have to do it every week. If this is not possible I will find a work around for them.

Thank you


It is possible to configure the system to allow for this specific recurring override but this is not a function allowed by a Tenant. This would need to be a request to the building manager to approve and input a new schedule for the time desired for this change of behavior. Tenants only have access for one time overrides and no ability to permanently change scheduling for their own space.


Okay thats understandable, when the manager sets the recurring event the meter schedule, it does not show up as a scheduled in the future events option in the tenant portal. The worry behind this is that the tenant would be double billed if they dont see the event in future events an setup an override event on top of the recurring schedule. Also can we delete an individual event out of an invoice if it were double billed?


An event would be something outside of the normal schedule operation like a holiday. The normal weekly/daily schedule configuration doesn’t show up as events.

If the system is scheduled to be on and an override occurs during that time, there would be no double billing during the scheduled time as the override would just be telling the schedule to do the same thing as it already was effectively changing nothing in the billing rate for that time period. If an override occurs during the same time but is set for a period that goes for longer than the scheduled time, then the override would add additional billing only for the time that it continued past the schedule time but not the overlapping period.

Once an event occurs and is calculated into the invoice, there is no way to back and remove that event.