Signed module for N4.9


Are there any plans to release a signed version of the module for use with N4.9?


Yes, there are plans to update all the kodaro products to be signed with new 4.9 requirements but do not have hard timelines on these updates at this time. Until tthen, there is a way to set the moduleVerificationMode to Low which will ignore unsigned modules.

From the help section on this topic:

The current default verification mode is Low, but this can be changed if desired. Change the verification mode for a device by adding the following line to the file. Where, you would enter only one of the options shown between the square brackets.

niagara.moduleVerificationMode=[low, medium, high]


Hi Jonothan, If I am trying to load the driver into a Jace running 4.9, would I need to add this line to the supervisor properties file or the Jace properties file?

Also, is the signed driver available yet?

Thanks in advance.


It would need to go on whatever Niagara instance is expected to have this module installed so likely this would require both locations to be updated.

The signed driver is not yet available.


Thanks for the assistance, I have managed to load the module on the supervisor. Could you give me the location of the file on the Jace please, I can’t seem to locate it.