SMTP. Email Error Message



I am attempting to test sending out invoices via email. The outgoing email account type is I get the error message below in our google inbox.

Message: Emailing invoice
javax.baja.xml.XException: Unknown type ReportPane [line 12]
at javax.baja.ui.px.PxDecoder.err(
at javax.baja.ui.px.PxDecoder.toType(
at javax.baja.ui.px.PxDecoder.decodeFromElem(
at javax.baja.ui.px.PxDecoder.decodeContent(
at javax.baja.ui.px.PxDecoder.decodeDocument(
at javax.baja.ui.px.PxDecoder.decodeDocument(
at com.tridium.ui.PxCache.get(
at com.tridium.pdf.BPxViewToPdf.export(
at javax.baja.pdf.BPdfExporter.export(
at com.kodaro.tenant.BInvoice.doSendEmail(
at auto.com_kodaro_tenant_BInvoice.invoke(AutoGenerated)
at com.tridium.sys.schema.ComponentSlotMap.invoke(
at com.tridium.sys.engine.EngineUtil.doInvoke(
at com.tridium.sys.engine.EngineManager.checkAsyncActions(
at com.tridium.sys.engine.EngineManager.execute(
at com.tridium.sys.engine.EngineManager$

Any thoughts? Please advise. Thank you.


Hey Shawn,

I hope all is going well for you. I am looking into your problem, sorry it is taking a while but I needed to try to replicate your issue. Can you give me some more information?

  1. What version N4?
  2. What version of TenantEye?

Also, is it possible for me to get access to this site? If not, can you zip up the station and send it to me?

-Chris Pilla