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Our client has Niagara Web Supervisor on a virtual server with no connection to the internet. I need push data from the Supervisor to an instance of SkySpark in the Kodaro cloud. Initially, I need to push the site, equip, point data only. Thereafter, I need to continue to push history data. I want to do my Haystack tagging of site, equip, point data in SkySpark and not have that overwritten. Is there a way I can do this with the Kodaro Haystack+ driver. I also want to preserve the tags as they are on the Supervisor that were put there by the systems integrator. Is there a way I can specify with the driver which tags I want to allow to be pushed? Another idea, can I specify to not push tags, just history?

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Version 1.0.23 added a history only export option that you will want to utilize and has been enhanced with version 1.0.27. From the current documentation (1.0.28) concerning these new properties on the export object


What this means is that if you turn on Export Histories Only, you will get a one time push of all tags and then only update histories going forward. If you still wanted tags that are considered status values (curVal, curErr, etc,) you can turn on Include Status Tags With Histories and will always have up to date data but not change any tags other than those.


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I sincerely appreciate your quick and thorough response.
It sounds like the scenario you laid out will give me everything I need. Those status tags should be all that I need beside history going forward then as I understand it. We already have the Kodaro driver in place. Thus far it has been used to push everything to SkySpark. I will probably need to make sure it is updated to the most current version then change the necessary settings. As I mentioned previously, going forward, we want to do our Haystack tagging in the cloud instance of SkySpark. Will the driver recognize where I am at in this process given that we have already been working with it?
When I was looking for the driver and current documentation before on your site, I could not locate it. Could you help me out with that?

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The driver will check for existing record ID’s before exporting new data so all existing data in your SkySpark system should be untouched with the exception of the status flags. If there is new data not yet pushed in the station, that will get fully added with all existing tags.

You can download the latest version of the driver here


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I am having some trouble with the link you provided to download the latest driver. Could you help me out with that?
Also, when the driver is installed on Niagara, where do I go to locate the version number.

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Drivers have been moved here:

You can see the version in the software manager on the platform connection and you can also check in the station on about web op of the local device.