Summary of Current Invoices (1 File)


The customer is requesting a means to export an .xls, .pdf or .csv file containing a summary of all current invoices. There are 67 suites, so the task of going to each suite individually and exporting the current month’s invoice is a tedious and time consuming task. I know that each suite could email the invoice to 1 recipient, but there is still the process of downloading the file from each email.

Is this functionality already built into TenantEye and I am not aware of it? Or can a report be generated that grabs the invoice data from each suite? Please advise. Let me know if you need clarification on the request.



The functionality for batch exporting invoices does not exist.


OK…being that you know the inner workings of the ‘Invoices’ microblock, would it be worth my time to try and create a report that grabbed data from the most recent invoice? Or is that not possible in your opinion?


If you wanted to create a text based report and not the pdf’s, then that should be fairly easy using bql and the possibly the report module.


Great idea, thanks! Was able to filter the invoices and only grab the current month’s using BQL.