Sys600- Can it run on Win 10 as Localhost?


Our customer is attempting to run this driver on a PC in N4.6 and is getting the error:
javax.baja.sys.ServiceNotFoundException: serial:ISerialService

Is this driver intended to run on an N4.6 PC?![N4_NetworkConfiguration|409x379]

Customer states the following:
I put in the JAR files in my 4.6 workbench on my PC and it appears to load properly
Dropped in the driver, then network

Validated my USB to Serial adapter works by using PUTTY and seeing the LED’s flash so I know the com port works
Put a jumper between pin 2 to 3 and using putty the sent keys came back to the emulation window

On my workbench…
Set up the serial com port to COM2 (which I can validate by checking Ports (com&LPT) in the system area of control panel
When I put the same com port on the serial portion of the driver and hit PING this is what I get.


Niagara 4 supervisor does not support serial connections. This is a restriction on Niagara which prevents this (and all) serial drivers from being used at a supervisor level.