Sys600 driver licensing



I wanted to know if you need a device pack license for the CSI cys600 driver. Typically drivers like the BACnet driver will only have 1 device discovered with however many BACnet devices added as subdevices for instance A 50,000 sq ft. site may have 50 VAVs but they don’t add in as devices that count on the global capacity. So you can use a 10 device pack license. However with the Siemens driver every single unit counts as a device causing the device pack licensing for tridium to go through the roof tripling or quadrupling in cost. Is this a known issue because it seems crazy that just because the Siemens driver decided to add zone level equipment and rooftop as individual devices instead of using the PXC as a the only device. We are already paying for this driver separate why doesn’t it account for device licensing included.


I am not familiar with a concept of sub devices in the bacnet network as it pertains to Niagara integration. Are you referring to the physical network all coming through a single BACnet gateway which is the single connection end point to Niagara? If so, without that gateway, I would expect BACnet would suffer the same globalCapacity device limit all drivers except for native Niagara drivers (niagara network, nrio).

Previously in AX, Niagara did not utilize the licensing of a per device licensing model and so third party drivers were isolated away from their licensing model and left to decide for themselves on how to handle their own licensing. When they switched from AX to N4, their licensing model changed and directly affects all third party drivers as they are now forced to purchase larger licenses from Niagara to add enough support to third party drivers via the device limit.

Niagara has yet to address this issue for developers and third party licensing and so we are currently still required to increase the Niagara licensing to match third party drivers as well as third party licensing requirements.