TenantEye Invocie Email


I am trying to manually send invoices through TenantEye by going into invoices and selecting an invoice then clicking send. I have been unsuccessful at getting the email to be sent out. I set up my OutgoingAccount on N4 and sent a test email through N4 and it worked. The reason that it gives me for being discarded is “BOutgoingAccount could not dequeue in-memory email: Empty address”. Does anyone know what this means?


Have you setup all the proper email addresses for the tenant eye installation (owner, suite)?


Yes, I have verified that both have emails. To my understanding, the owner email would be the gmail account I set up in N4 correct? Then invoice email would be whatever email I would want the invocie to be sent to?


The account you setup in the email service in Niagara is independent from the emails setup in TenantEye. That account is responsible for interacting with he mail server.

The emails you setup within TenantEye are just the locations to send the email. If you go into the edit of the invoice you are attempting to email, does it have a value in both the Invoice Form and at least one Email Recipient?


The invoice does have an email in it for from and recipient. I can see it queue on Niagara but its up being discarded.