TenantEyeN4 HTML5


Niagara is telling me that the long term fix for TenantEyeN4 is that it supports HTML5 not the Web Launcher replacement for Web Start. Is this true and available?


The long term support for TenantEyeN4 is to be fully HTML compliant but it is currently not available. Web Start or its replacement is still currently required for this product however, the replacement for Web Start has not been tested against this product at this time.


I hope you can understand my position, we have 300 tenants waiting to use this and Tridium’s pointing the finger at you and you at them. Is there no way around this? Is there any date for HTML?


Niagara’s new Web Launcher is installed and I can access a tenant’s override page from the server itself but does not work remotely. It does however work both ways when accessing a regular web page.

Any thoughts?



Can you elaborate on what the different scenarios are you are connecting with?

For example, when you say remotely, what process was taken to connect with the new web launcher vs what was done locally? What does “regular web page” mean?


If I’m remoted into the server with Real VNC and run Web Launcher from the Desktop to either a Kodaro tenant page or just the Home page of the Supervisor they work.

With the Web Launcher installed on my laptop at home it will connect to the Supervisor Home page but when I try the tenant page it loads for a while and then ask me if I’m sure I want to log off.


I know the pages won’t load correctly without web launcher but if you attempt to login to the supervisor directly without web launcher, do you experience any timeout issues?


No, With Web Launcher or Chrome or Edge it logs right in and brings up the Home Screen.


Navigating beyond the home screen without web launcher remotely, does it still have the same loading issues that timeout? Or does the timeout only occur remotely with web launcher?


If I understand your question?
There are no timeout issues with Web Launcher going to a TenantEye manager page or a TenantEye tenant page if I’m on the computer.

Yes only remotely Web Launcher will not load a manager page or a tenant page.


I’m trying to take web launcher of the equation for the remote connection test to confirm if the timeout issues are being caused by web launcher or the network. Can you please attempt to connect remotely to without web launcher and navigate the station to a few different pages? It’s okay if the data doesn’t load correctly as expected without web launcher but this will give me a better understanding of where the possible issues could be.


There are no problems remotely.


So the scenario you currently have is.

No Web Launcher works
Web Launcher works

No Web Launcher works
Web Launcher times out

Is this an accurate assessment of the situation?


Everything Works.

Web Launcher doesn’t work with TenantEye web pages.
Web Launcher works with other station web pages.


Was the same process used to load web launcher on the local and remote computer? Was web launcher loaded on the remote pc after tenant eye was installed on the server?


Yes both loaded from same file.


I have setup a server running an instance of TenantEye and installed web launcher on my local pc via the installer. Launching from my pc and making a remote connection into the server has caused me no issues and all pages load just fine as if it were running web start.

Was this the same process used for your testing? Or was some other process used to install web launcher. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by

Which file? The web launcher installer file?


I don’t know how to get thru to you. I have a server in Tampa with Niagara Supervisor running on it with your TenantEyeN4. If I’m in Tampa and on the server everything works fine. Now I’m a tenant in Clearwater getting ready to go to Tampa but I want the A/C running when I get there. I have the same WebLauncher on my laptop at home but when I try to connect it just loads for a while and then ask me if I want to log off.

Now I’m still in Clearwater with the same WebLauncher so I decide to logon with a different password which takes me to to Air conditioning system and that works fine.

I don’t know how else to explain it.

Have a great weekend. I’m off till Monday.


I understand the setup you have but since I can’t recreate the issue you are describing, I want to focus in on the web launcher installation process to see if anything may have gotten messed up there. Since there are two different ways to install web launcher, either directly through the installer or via the module being installed in the niagara instance and then installing through the web, I wanted to confirm which process you went through for both installations. For my testing locally, I used the installer and not the download from the login page method which seems to work without issue for me.


Both Local and my personal computer used this installer 18a4f22b.msi

I’m going to ask KMC if they can test also.