Tenants able to get into config with mobile via iPhone or Android


Why are Tenants able to get into config with mobile via iPhone or Android. When only suite user ?? Please help resolve issue


I need more information and explanation to follow up on this issue. I do not understand what your issue is from your uber concise response.

Can you please describe your issue in the greatest detail possible.


Basically if my customer logs in with an ipad or iphone android and clicks on tenant billing they have access to other suites. They are also having issue when on a mobile device they cannot schedule a certain time in advanced.


i can give you credentials to see it for yourself


What version of Niagara are you running?

What version of Tenant Eye are you running?

Can you please screen shot the user configuration permissions models?


Kodarotenant 1.0.1


Try following the instructions below to modify the user permissions to what your desire.

User permissions are handled via the use of the N4 roles architecture. Users created via
the user configuration pages will be created with the “Tbs User” type (Tenant Billing
System). For those users created as “Property Managers/Owners”, they will be given the
role of “tenantEyeManager”. For users created from as “Suite Users”, they will be given
the role of “tenantEyeSuiteUser.” The first time these roles are created, they are given
super user permissions.

The tenantEyeManager and tenantEyeSuiteUser cannot be removed from Tbs User type
if the TenantBilling object exists in the station. If you wish to use other roles instead of
the default types created by the system, this can be done as you would any regular user.
To disable these roles in preference to your own, remove all permissions from them. DO
NOT try to delete them. Removing these roles from the system or Tbs User types will
not result in the expected behavior as the system routinely will check and re-add them if
they are detected to be missing.

If you decide to change the default permissions, this can be accomplished if the following
permissions remain in place:

  1. Owner level users require admin read, write and invoke permissions for the entire
    TenantEye tree of objects.
  2. Tenants require the operator read, write and invoke permissions for the TenantBilling
    object and their respective suite.
    Failure to allow these pe


the software has per-created roles if i’m correct Manager and Suite User. How does this fix my issue with my customer. Unless your telling me i have to recreate User Roles per tenant. I need simple solution not a work around when i have over 50 tenants and 30 Suites.


You can just remove the user permissions for the users you do not want to access other suites and you can do this by following my instructions listed out earlier. From what you have said, I don’t believe this issue in anyway is being caused by tablets or phones or any other error. I think if you configure each individual users permissions properly, this issue will be resolved.



Scheduling also cannot be done?


What type of meters are you trying to schedule? Can you give me more screenshots illustrating the issue?


How is separate tenants isolated via PC and not on a mobile device. I only ask it will take a long time for a large user site to configure special categories to isolate each Suite


Sorry I just realized, due to Niagara 4’s recent changes to PX graphics, you wont be able to access Tenant Eye correctly from most mobile devices due to Java Web Start not being able to run on most mobile browsers.

We may be able to resolve some of these issue’s though, but we need more information on what precise issues you are experiencing so that we can try to recreate these issues and figure out work around or fixes.

Could you please give us very detailed account of your exact issues with precise screen shots of these issues?
How are these suite users having access, what’s the process by which they are able to navigate to the other suites?