Upgrading Dell Edge Gateway to Latest Versions of Niagara


I noticed that your information and downloads on the N4 port to Dell involves Niagara only. Are there other builds for N4 available for the Dell Gateway?

I’m working with a Dell gateway at the moment and it seems that I’m limited to N4.2. I’m looking to upgrade to N4.3 and possibly N4.4. How do I go about doing that? Do I need to install a port from you for the higher revs? If so when will the latest builds be available for download?

Thank you


The release of Niagara 4.4 is still relatively recent and so the Gateway Port has not been upgraded to this version yet. Issues concerning connectivity with Niagara 4.3 and the associated patches will likely play a factor in skipping this intermediate version in favor of the 4.4 release directly.

At this time, there is no current release date for the 4.4 upgrade for the Dell Gateway…


Thank you for the clarification.


Though there wasn’t a 4.4 update for the Niagara Port, there is a 4.6 version available now. Refer to this forum post for instructions on how to update: How to Upgrade to Niagara 4.6