Vykon Tenant Billiing Services


Im using Vykon Tenant Billing on a N4 Supervisor.

In the invoice template you can refer and pull in information related to the ‘Owner’, ‘Tenant’, ‘meter Details’ and so on.
One of the groups is related to the ‘Invoice’, like the Total Bill, TAX and so on.

For this they say the ORD must be set to slot: , where as the others is set to like slot:tenant or slot:owner.
If I do as mentioned in the help file I get an error, I tried slot:invoice and then I get no information.

Would you be able to confirm the correct ORD configuration for the Invoicing information to pull through.

It also mentions that there is a web interface available that is stared by typing VTBS/INIT in your web browser. This also isn’t working.


Vykon Tenant Billing is not a Kodaro product. It is maintained and supported directly by the Vykon channel of Niagara…

Documentation on this product can be found here:

If the documentation isn’t sufficient to solve your issue, you will need to contact your Vykon distributor directly for further support on Vykon products.