Web Launcher and TenantEye FAQ


The release of Web Launcher to replace Web Start for Niagara based java applications has led to a few questions concerning it’s operation. Here are some common questions and answers.

  1. How do I get Niagara Web Launcher?

    Similarly to Web Start, there is a Web Launcher download available in certain releases of Niagara
    that can be downloaded from the login page and then launched in the same fashion.

    As of the time of this post, the following versions have Web Launcher included in their release:

    4.4U3 - Included in ( Release notes found here
    4.7U1 - Included in ( Release notes found here

    A patch for Niagara AX 3.8 U4 (3.8.401) is available for download here
    File name: web.jar
    File version: 3.8.403.1

    Note: If you do not have Niagara Community access, please contact your OEM partner to download
    these files.

    You can also download directly for versions without built in support:

    64-bit systems: https://weblauncher.niagara-central.com/NiagaraWebLauncher.msi
    32-bit (-x86) systems: https://weblauncher.niagara-central.com/NiagaraWebLauncher-x86.msi

  2. Does Web Launcher act differently than Web Start?

    No, the behavior is identical to it was before with Web Start.

  3. Will this work on mobile device?

    No, this is still a Java application that will not operate on mobile devices. You will still
    be restricted to the TenantServlet functionality for a mobile experience.

  4. How do I allow my customers to access this remotely?

    If you need customers to have full remote access to TenantEye using WebStart, you will need to
    open in addition to the standard web ports (80, 443, 8080, 8443, etc. depending on your
    configurations) the secure fox port (4911 by default). This means it will need to be open to the
    public IP as well as any internal firewall, i.e. windows firewall, ufw (ubuntu/linux), etc. Contact the
    local IT department for help concerning opening ports to the outside world.

  5. Is there a way to have Web Start remember the Station URL so they don’t have to type it in every time?

    You can configure Web Launcher to open with a connection to a station in one of two ways:

    i. Edit the host address in the Web Launcher .nwl file (in your browser’s downloads location) by _
    opening the file using a text editor, and replace the host address with your preferred host address

    ii. Launch Web Launcher from the command line by entering: weblauncher.exe host=https://

  6. How do I clear the Web Start cache?

    Note: The following procedure is only available for windows machines.

    1. Open a windows command prompt.

    2. Run ALL the following commands from a windows command line. Not all commands will result in success as all locations may not have been created depending on the specifics of your system but they should all be run to make sure all possible locations are fully cleared.

      i. RMDIR /S /Q %USERPROFILE%\niagara\wbapplet

      ii. RMDIR /S /Q %USERPROFILE%\niagara\n4applet

      iii. RMDIR /S /Q %LOCALAPPDATA%\niagara\wbapplet

      iv. RMDIR /S /Q %LOCALAPPDATA%\niagara\n4applet

      v. FORFILES /P %LOCALAPPDATA%\JxBrowser\ /M browsercore-* /C “cmd /c if @isdir==TRUE RMDIR /S /Q @file\data”

      vi. FORFILES /P %LOCALAPPDATA%\JxBrowser\ /M browsercore-* /C “cmd /c if @isdir==TRUE RMDIR /S /Q @file\data2”

      vii. FORFILES /P %LOCALAPPDATA%\JxBrowser\ /M jxbrowser-chromium-* /C “cmd /c if @isdir==TRUE RMDIR /S /Q @file\data”

      viii. FORFILES /P %LOCALAPPDATA%\JxBrowser\ /M jxbrowser-chromium-* /C “cmd /c if @isdir==TRUE RMDIR /S /Q @file\data2”

      ix. RMDIR /S /Q %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache

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