Web Service failing


DELLEDGEGW50004032UBC Jetty web service constantly going in and out of fault causing the web service to fault. Is this the same as the previously posted resolution for the Iotium Edge or was that strictly an issue with the Iotium version?



Can you provide a screen shot of the web service configuration along with any error messaging you can see in the application director when this is happening?


Probably Monday. We used 8080 and 8443 and that seems to have addressed that problem but the customer would prefer not to have to do that…

The reason we have to wait until Monday is the contractor has to go back and restart the Jace. Something is causing the software to initiate a power down so the station comes up for a few minutes and then shuts down.

Also, we tried to install a clean DIST file to make sure there wasn’t something corrupted and we are unable to do so.