Where to download installation file


I purchased the Dell Gateway but where do I download the installation files from?


Hi bbee,

We have decided to EOL (end-of-life) the Kodaro N4 port for the Dell Edge Gateway which is why the installation files can no longer be downloaded. However, Niagara can still be installed on the gateway in a different manner that is outside of Kodaro’s services. Here are some suggestions:

You will need to install the supervisor version for one of the supported operating systems. From what we have found, the supervisor versions do not have access to serial ports.

You can use either Linux (Red Hat) or Windows for your operating system.

For Linux, you will need to install Red Hat onto the Dell Edge Gateway as this is the only Linux version currently supported for the Niagara platform when using the supervisor version.

For Windows, you will need to install a Windows OS onto the Dell Edge Gateway and install Niagara through the standard windows installer.

Thanks for contributing to the forum.