Will not save interface 2 Subnet Mask after reboot


After setting the IP configuration on interface 1 using a subnet and setting interface 2 using a, after hitting save, a reboot is requested. After the Dell Edge came back online, the interface 2 Subnet Mask is missing. After several attempts at saving and rebooting, I decided to not reboot after save. Only then do the settings I configured work. But if we have an unscheduled power loss and/or reboot, I run into the same problem with the Subnet Mask missing.


Is there anything plugged into interface 2? If not, then this is a known bug caused by the underlying operating system and how it reports data when nothing is connected to that port. If you were to plug in an active connection, you would see the subnet populate.


Yes both interface ports are in use. On another note referencing your comment “If you were to plug in an active connection, you would see the subnet populate”, during some trouble shooting, I did disconnect both interfaces and I did notice that the subnet is only populating on the port I am connected to, but won’t populate the other port even after make the second connection. Almost like it only populates one port but not the other after a reboot.


Just so I understand the full scope of what you are experiencing, this is what I understand to be the case:

  1. Connect to port 1
  2. Open Platform TCP/IP view
  3. Port 1 has subnet, port 2 does not.
  4. Connect to port 2, no subnet.
  5. Reboot
  6. Re-Connect
  7. Port 2 has subnet
  8. Switch to Port 1, no subnet.

Is this an accurate assessment of the testing/validation procedure?


Yes, all except for number 8, I do not switch to Port 1 only view and there is no subnet while connected via Port 2. Please note that both Ports have a connection. The funny part is if I disconnect Port 2 I can connect thru Port 1 via N4 supervisor, If I reconnect I lose communication from the N4 supervisor via Port 1.