If there is a typo on the end of a product code (driver description at end of Host ID). Will that affect what is generated for a license key? Customer entered key and it is still in demo mode.

We provided WIN-8DE2-CA97-4044-3791:CSISYS600:9 on purchase order. Received license key OAAL-PQYR-HXBO-FSGR-TRHF.

Product code should have been WIN-8DE2-CA97-4044-3791:CSI3SYS600:9 (“3” in “CSI3SYS600” was missing).

Do we need a new key or is there possibly a different issue? If we need a new key how do we get that?


Can you please send me a private message with your order details so I can review and confirm this order with our licensing team? An incorrect product code will definitely result in a bad license key.